Sunday, January 20, 2008

Snow in Atlanta!!

On Wednesday the 16th it snowed here in Atlanta! It doesn't happen very often and so it's a pretty big deal. Many people in our apartment complex could be found outside taking pictures and video of the scene. I don't think it is a stretch to say some of them had never seen snow before, because many are international students. Emery didn't really like the cold and wet too much, but was interested in the falling flakes!

It snowed again on Saturday! And a little more this time. I think 3 inches was predicted and it was being called "Severe Weather". Our favorite sub shop closed early because of it! It's crazy! All you in Utah and Nevada will love was cancelled due to the storm! And not only that, but it was cancelled Saturday morning no less; 24 hours before our scheduled meeting time! In all seriousness though, Atlanta doesn't have much (if any) of a budget for snow removal of the roads and we don't want any accidents on the way to church!
We didn't make these snowmen, but there was enough snow to make them.
And I thought they were cute.

Playing Around

Emery got some new play tools from a huge 75% off sale at TargetClimbing up the slide
Playing around outside (his favorite thing to do!)
Getting into daddy's shoes

New PJ's Please

Emery is getting so tall! He's even busted out of his jammies. Here is a closeup of his foot

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Boys will be boys

Most days I just can't keep up

Rolling around on the floor with the mustard

Checking out the dryer...from the inside

Getting into mommy's sewing things

Pulling out a drawer, removing all pots and pans, climbing in, retrieving the butter from the counter, mashing it with toes and fingers

Climbing Climbing Climbing

Sitting in the dishwasher



(Don't even ask) Getting stuck in a stool

Climbing in drawers

I need a nap...

Christmas Vacation

We are back in Atlanta after our 10 day trip to Utah and Nevada. We loved seeing friends and family! And while we are glad we went, it was still rough! We all got colds and Emery only slept through the night once the whole time. Then on the trip home, our connection in Denver caused us delayed flights. We were supposed to land around 7 pm in Atlanta but didn't get home until 3 am the next day! We need a vacation now! Just kidding. We'd rather just get back to normal (meaning Emery sleeping though the night!!) Here are some snowy pictures from the west

These were taken in South Jordan, Utah on the 21st of December 2007