Wednesday, August 29, 2012

34 Weeks

34 Weeks!
I walk a little slow
Baby boy loves to wiggle and kick
Not many clothes fit anymore
Getting very excited to see this little guy :)


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Monday, August 6, 2012


 When we arrived in Ruby Valley, the power was off. Apparently some strong rain storms knocked things out somewhere. With no fans to cool us down, we were pretty toasty! It came back on for a little while, but was off again most of the night. I think it came back on around 5am the next day. It just made me remember how thankful I am for electricity!

Lucy and Emery were so excited to see and play with their cousins in Nevada. Especially Maggie (1 year old) and Cara (1 week old!) that they had never met before. Everyone was fighting for a chance to hold Cara!

Emery and Grandma have always had a special bond and they just pick up right where they left off the last time they saw each other!

Lucy decided Grandma was cuddle worthy too :)

 One of Emery's favorite things to do each day was go on a motorcycle ride with Daddy. Or two or three! He also loved helping out Grandpa a bit with cutting hay. Maybe in a few years he'll learn how to do it himself!

Grandma's hot tub is a fun little pool when you turn down the temperature so it's not too hot! They also enjoyed going to the larger swimming pool, even if it was a little bit cold. Emery practiced all the things he leaned from swimming lessons a few weeks ago. He is a little fish who loves the water!

Lucy tried really hard to share with Maggie, but it's not easy for most of the time. I think she liked playing at Maggie's house with Maggie's toys more than sharing her own!

We loved the shady and grassy backyard for playing. Emery mastered the monkey bars and Lucy is a swinging pro! They weren't as interested in helping Grandma in her garden but they like to eat from it!

The much-anticipated horse ride was lots of fun!  Lucy was a little nervous at first, but she's a brave girl and loved it once she got on. I think she was surprised at how big they are compared to her! Emery wanted to know when he could hold the reigns himself. I think he may need some riding lessons before we'll be allowing that!

Lucy loved her first horse ride! Her horse's name was Peach and she kept saying "More Peach! More Peach!"

 Even Lucy got a little ride on the 4-wheeler before we left! She's just a bit too small for the motorcycle!

Even though there is no fast food to enjoy in Ruby Valley, we always look forward to Joel's mom's home cooking! She is a great cook and spoils us with our favorites when we visit! Some things we ate this trip: Roast and potatoes, scones, Ruby Valley tacos, hot dog roast, pork roast feast, homemade pizza, steak, and aebleskivers. Yumm!

The day we left we were able to round up everyone for a family picture. Everyone was there except Joel's sister Annemarie, who lives in Salt Lake City right now. Our last one was many years ago, so we were definitely due!

As our week in Nevada ended Joel and I were a little nervous. Not because we had another long drive home ahead of us, but because we were leaving Emery. Grandma and Emery have been talking about this for a few years- a special trip where Emery got to stay at Grandma's all by himself. I was all for it because I thought it would be a nice break for me :) and also because I knew Emery would have a great time. But as it got closer I realized how much I was going to miss him and worry about him. Emery shed a few tears before we left but has been just fine since. He'll stay for another 2 1/2 weeks before Grandma flies him home in August. I know he is in good hands and having a blast with Grandma, Grandpa, and his cousins. But I do miss him and can't wait until he is home!
Our drive back home was long but not too difficult. Again, Lucy was mainly entertained by watching Elmo and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. We split the trip more evenly between the 3 travel days. A few times Lucy asked "Where's Emery?" but was fine with the answer that he was still at Grandma's house. Since we've been home, I think Lucy is enjoying all the alone time with Mommy and Daddy! I was worried she'd be upset that Emery wasn't around to play with her but she's been just fine! I guess it's nice to feel like an only child every once in a while :)
We were so  happy to make it home safe and without any car trouble. I'm glad we had the van checked out and fixed up before we left, even though car repairs are pricey and never fun. Better before we left than stranded in the middle of the country somewhere! Until next time...