Friday, March 30, 2012

Are you ready for Conference?

Conference weekend is almost upon us, and (let's be honest) I'm trying to figure out how to keep the kiddos quiet and distracted so I can actually get something out of it! I found this cute idea for making bags for each apostle with a different activity inside. I didn't have time to sew anything up, but brown paper sacks work too! Not all my bags are exactly like hers, I found other ideas around pinterest and the web.
Here is what's in the bags: President Monson puzzle and coloring sheet, Lego Temple idea, LDS lacing cards, Bingo, Samuel the Lamanite worksheets, Dot to Dots, Temple Matching, Egg letter matching, play-doh, robot puzzle, Glitter glue/paint, foam stickers, sticker/coloring books, water color paints, and an activity book. Most of the ideas I found from this pinterest board.  I got the paper bags, stickers, glue, paint, and activity books from the dollar store.
I'm also going to have a little basket with crayons, markers, scratch paper, Friend magazines, glue, tape, scissors etc for using with some of the bags or if there is a need for a filler activity. Plus, there will be other speakers besides these 15, so I'm sure we'll need a few extra things to do. Fingers crossed they stay quiet for at least some of the 8 hours!
If there is anything you are interested in but can't find a link to, leave me a comment with your email address and I'll send you the link!
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Monday, March 19, 2012

Friday, March 2, 2012

Florida trip to see cousins

On Feb 1st I took the kids for a quick trip to Florida. We visited with my sister and her family. She has twins who are 5 years old like Emery named Kayla and Wesley.

They had fun at the children's museum

 And just playing around the house getting to know each other.

 The weather was in the 80's and so delightful!

 It was lots of fun! Thanks for having us Michelle!

Mitt Romney Rally

Mitt Romney was campaigning in South Carolina in January. When he made an appearance in Greenville, I went with my friend Lindsay to see him. We barely missed getting into the main room and were put into the overflow. But the overflow got to see Mitt first, have lemonade and cool air, and got to shake hands with him after his speech.

 His wife Ann and governor Nicki Haley were there too.
 Here I am right before I shook his hand
Lindsay and Me.


 Emery hates being cooped up inside when it's cold outside. I seem to hear, "I'm bored" almost every day from him! Every once in a while he finds something to keep him busy. This day, he  used his trusty rope to tip up his ball hopper. He would jump up and hit it and had lots of fun!

Another day, he used my camera and tripod to take pictures all over the house. Here are some self-portraits.

 Lucy loves to play with Emery but there is usually some argument over how things should be played or who gets a turn. We are working on patience and kindness!

 When Emery is at school Lucy loves to get some one on one time with Mommy to draw,

 and do puzzles etc.

Just before Christmas we got ourselves a van! It is so roomy and the kids love it. The adults love it too!

Emery doesn't get as much time to see his buddies and have playdates as often, now that everyone is in school. But a couple times a month we still try to get them together. They love exploring together!