Monday, April 28, 2008


My handsome boy all ready for church
Emery's hair is getting long enough for a mohawk!
If he could shut the door while he's inside he'd do it!
Emery's favorite book is "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see?"
What's better than a pacifier? Two!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


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Friday, April 18, 2008


Uh Oh!

Emery is constantly saying "uh oh" these days. It's probably because he's always getting into trouble! Mommy caught him drawing on the walls! Thank goodness for washable crayons!
Emery decided he needed to play with his car in his crib. I was happy to oblige and keep him where he couldn't get into too much trouble!
Emery has picked up how to fold his arms and bow his head when we say our prayers!
Emery is happy because he's eating Smartees (and wearing his cool Michelin t-shirt that we got in Greenville)
This is what Emery does when his Smartees (or anything else for that matter) is gone. Or if he can't find something. We think it's pretty adorable!


Handmade by Julie
I spend a lot of my spare time (when I get some!) crocheting and crafting. I've been really getting into it lately! And in an effort to spread the love, instead of stockpile it in my apartment, I decided to open my own etsy store! So take a look! I only have a few things listed so far, but keep checking back for new things. Be watching for....a purple afghan and some card sets coming in the future. For now I just have some bookmarks and a cute pink ball. Thanks for the support!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Last week Emery...

Found a cool, moist spot with the laundry And liked it
Then got on the warm laundry throne
And loved itTried using superpowers to escape (but the cape didn't do magic)
Washed rocks
And laughed hysterically
Looked for bugs
But couldn't find any
And played on the jungle gym instead

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Trip to Greenville, SC

Joel took a job at Michelin in Greenville, South Carolina. I thought I should visit where we'll be moving to later this year. It's about 150 miles north of Atlanta and a 2 1/2 hour drive. Emery HATES the car, so I rarely venture more than 30 minutes anywhere. But, Joel's mother is visiting and so we decided to go for a day trip on Wednesday. The weather was beautiful and we had a great time. Emery did really good too with a grandma in the backseat to keep him busy. This is a cool park in the Downtown area called Falls Park. The river is Reedy River.

We had to stop for some ice cream to cool off after walking around downtown
Before we left we visited the Michelin shop and got some Michelin merchandise (not tires, just tshirts and mints and stuff that say Michelin on them)!
After seeing Greenville I'm even more excited to move there! Thanks to Grandma Kathy for making the trip possible!

This and That

I made Emery a "cozy spot" and Dad wanted in too! Baseball player?
Striking a pose
This is what happens when I take a shower; he tries to escape
Anyone know where I can get a good refrigerator lock?