Thursday, September 25, 2008

Simpsonville, SC

We went to playgroup this week at Heritage Park. They were have their Touch-A-Truck event. Basically they brought city trucks, police cars, fire engines, and tractors for the kiddos to play on. It was great! And Emery LOVED it!! Most of the time he was too busy pushing buttons and levers to smile for a picture.

This was one of his favorites and he have me a little smirk.

The fire engine was the main attraction for sure!

He really liked the fire truck too!
I think he liked the tractors best of all. Probably because it reminds him of his Grandpa and Grandma Neff's ranch in Nevada!

Heritage Park also had a fun playground to play on after. It's been cool and windy this week, but hopefully there will be some nice days to play at the park.
We were pretty happy about finishing our 1st load of laundry in our new washing machine and dryer!
Gotta love the footie pj's
Emery says, "Hi" to all our friends and family. We miss you!

Before we left

Emery's favorite cleaning lady Cynthia
Me and my good friend Allison :)
Emery and Jack

Emery and Desmond
Sweet smile
Copying Desmond
Me and my good friend Jenny

Goodbye sandbox

Goodbye motorcycle
Goodbye slide, I finially learned to walk up
Sometimes :)

As promised

Ok, so you asked for are some pictures of our move and new place. It's probably going to be pretty long!! (Sorry if they aren't in order as far as the rooms go, when I upload so many photos they get mixed up and I'm just too lazy to move them back into order!)
*You will notice some of the after pictures really aren't much better than the before. Mostly we've unpacked a lot of boxes and then moved a bunch of stuff into the 3rd bedroom(which is by far the messiest right now). I've still got some organizing and decorating to do. So I guess instead of saying AFTER it is more like INBETWEEN but you get the idea. I'll post more when things are looking really good!!*
This is our van they loaded our stuff intoIt turns out that we had a ton of stuff cramed into our 2 bedroom apartment!!Here is our new apartment at Jasmine Cove! We are on the top floor, but this is our door (the stairs are inside)
This is the playgroundVolley Ball pit that we'll use for a sand box!2nd Bathroom BEFORE2nd BathroomOffice BEFORE Office/craft room/guest room AFTER

Enrty (private stairs to our 2nd floor apartmetnt)

Living Room BEFORELiving Room AFTER Emery's room BEFORE Emery's room AFTER
Emery's closet

Master Closet BEFORE Master closet AFTER
Master Bath BEFORE Master bath AFTER
Kitchen BEFORE Kitchen AFTER
Laundry room (with our 1st washer & dryer)

Master Bedroom BEFORE Master Bedroom AFTER