Sunday, July 31, 2011

What is it...

What is it about the word "Dentist" that makes kids freak out?
Emery was beside himself when I told him it was time to go to the dentist. Never mind that 6 months ago he was fine about it. He was scowling and insisting he would never get in the car. Somehow we made it there. In the car I tried to remind him of everything that would happen and how he'd get a prize at the end.
He was very nervous but also very brave and sat down in the chair just fine.
Lucy watched intently and had a snack.

 Emery was pleased to get to wear special sun glasses so the light wouldn't be so bright. 
And thankfully he sat still and opened up wide!

Emery thought Lucy should come try out the big chair. 
She was not having any part of that!

 He also was able to get x-rays of his back teeth. He sat still and loved it when the hygienist praised him for being so good. She insisted that some 10 year olds didn't do as well as him.
After his cleaning he proudly showed me his clean and cavity-free teeth!
He even admitted to me after getting a sticker and toy that going to the dentist was pretty fun!

He's even considering becoming a dentist some day. Mostly because he wants to push the button to lift the chair...since only dentists can do that.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fleeting moments

 I know they may not always enjoying playing 
together, eating Popsicles and playing peek-a-boo. So I enjoy these fleeting moments of pure joy!

Emery is very good at sharing some of the time.

 Where's Emery?


She's found her belly button!

I wish this picture wasn't blurry but I only had my phone handy. Look at those cheesers!
Love my kids!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Site Seeing in Philly

While in Philadelphia for the wedding, I fit in a little site seeing! I went to see where Angie lives and her awesome view from her porch! Then only a few minutes away was Valley Forge.

The meadows were beautiful!

Log Cabins


Train station

George Washington's headquarters while at Valley Forge

I touched the original handrail that George Washington touched! :)


I then saw the Washington  memorial chapel.

Later, I took a tour of Independence Hall.

Saw the Liberty Bell

And went shopping for the first time at Anthropologie!

Everything was so beautiful! 4 Floors of unique (and expensive) clothes and home goods. But I found a pair of jeans in the clearance room for only $9.95 (originally $98). Score!

Took a drive down to Penn Landing

Then took the Ferry over to the New Jersey side!

Saw the Benjamin Franklin bridge!

Sat for about 1.5 minutes before riding the Ferry back to Philadelphia :)

A whirlwind trip! The end.

My sister Angela's Wedding!

Two weeks ago I went to Philadelphia to see my half-sister Angela get married. I'm so glad I got to go!! And it was a nice little vacation since Joel stayed home with the kids while I was gone :)
She looked beautiful and so in love. Congrats Angie and Dan! Love you both!