Saturday, September 22, 2007


Emery is getting so big and learning so much. As of late, he is climbing and getting into anything he can find! It's so fun to watch him explore, but a little bit difficult trying to keep him from getting hurt. He is also getting very smart. He will now dump his box of blocks out, then put them all back in! He can also get lots of things open like CD and DVD cases, the baby wipe box, and his snack containers. He loves to "read" (and by read I mean turn pages) books and push around trucks. He is walking more and more every day! He used to only do it once a day, usually before bed when Joel and I would coax him. But now, he'll pick up and toy, stand up and take it across the room. And in a little over a month he will have his first birthday! We are planning to take him to the Georgia Aquarium. It is supposed to be really cool... we'll see if he even notices!

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Yates Family said...

Hi Julie, Emery sure is growing up fast! He sure is cute. Thanks for sharing the videos and photos.
Grandpa Yates