Saturday, October 13, 2007

The latest with Emery

Huh, so that's what a leaf feels like?

OOh, neat!

I love to swing, can you tell?

How do you work this thing?

Do you think I'm cute? I'll pose for you, then you decide.

No one better take this car away from me!

Who needs doors anyways? I can manage just fine like this!

Rocks are awesome!

What's for dinner mom? You can cook me if you like.

Hellooo! Who's in there? I can see you. Fine I'll just eat you!

This is what I look like as I jump off the bed at mom holding the camara.

And this is the damage. One rug burned nose. Ouch!

1 comment:

Kathleen Neff said...

I love these pictures. He gets cuter and cuter. I Germany pictures are awesome!