Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Six Things About Me

I was tagged by Mary (indirectly when she tagged everyone not tagged yet). Here are six things about me:
1. I love photography. I don't claim much talent, just enjoyment. In High School I was on the yearbook committee and took bunches of photo classes. My current obsession: Emery. But before that I liked taking pictures of animals, nature, friends, and family. In July 2001 on a trip to NYC I got a killer picture of the Twin Towers. I didn't pay to ride to the top...if I'd only known I'd never get the chance again.
2. I'm a cat lover. Well all animals in general really, but I've only had cats as pets and therefore I like them best. Cats aren't for everyone (I know you cat haters are out there!) but I'll take them if you don't want them.
3. I love to read. I recently became a Richard Paul Evans fan. I also like historical fiction, mysteries, biographies, and light romances. Anyone have any recommendations?
4. I love shopping. Probably too much, but I'm not perfect. Lucky for me I've been able to earn some extra cash babysitting a couple days a week to fund my shopping trips. Need a shopping buddy? You know who to call.
5. I miss school. I remember being completely stressed out when in school, but now I do miss learning new things. I still learn I guess by reading etc, but it's not the same. Maybe some day I'll enroll in some online classes or something just to keep me sharp. (5B: Studied at BYU majoring in Marriage, Family, and Human Development :)
6. Other general favorites... fav. color: pink, fav. food: potatoes (baked, fried, mashed, I like them all!), fav. movie: Pride and Prejudice (newest version), and fav. football & basketball team: BYU!

So now I tag Wendy D., Brenna P., Jan M., Jacki S., Kembe S., and Jenny S. If you were already tagged and I just didn't know, ignore this request. The rest of you, get to it! I want to get to know you more! :)


claire said...

I took some classes through BYU home study or whatever they call it now and it was a great way to round out my education with some classes I never got to take since I was in such a hurry to graduate. Emory has some good night classes too I hear but the online stuff is easier since you don't have to make time to get physically somewhere. Maybe you could take Mary's class next semester!

Heather said...

I love books too. Have you read The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle? Mary Higgins Clark has some good mysteries. Liz Parrish gave me a book at my baby shower called Of Sorcery and Cecelia or The Enchanted chocolate pot that would probably fall into the mystery category, (as well as the light romance category?). And that's probably enough for now:-)

VirtualM said...

Yay I'm so glad you did this! I was thinking about you when I tagged everyone because I was pretty sure you hadn't done it yet, but I had no idea who was left and didn't want to go in circles.
Lots of colleges are going the way of virtual classrooms, and I was told that the main demographic is mothers with small children and the classes are wildly successful. I'd love to take a business class or two that way.
I'm embarrassed to admit what I'm reading right now, but it's definitely trashy. Okay fine, I'm reading those teen vampire romance novels by the Mormon lady. I'm on book two. But I can give you some good nonfiction/women's studies recommendations if you like since that's really my thing.

Jacki said...

That is crazy that you were at the Twin Towers two months before they were gone. What a great gift to have those pictures. A little scary too.

Jan said...

I'll be your shopping buddy. I have taken up shopping to help me deal with life stresses.

winnie said...

I am a cat person all the way. I keep trying to convince the hubby we need one, but he is a dog person all the way, so he is not budging. One day.