Friday, March 21, 2008


A - Attached or single: Attached
B - Best friend(s): Jenny S. and TJ B. (besides my hubby!)
C - Cake or pie: Neither; I'm strange I know
D - Day of choice: Saturday
E - Essential item: Internet; I like to stay connected!
F - Favorite color: Pink
G - Gummy bears or worms: Bears
H - Hometown: South Jordan
I - Indulgence(s): Mini Snickers Ice Cream bars
J - January or July: July
K - Kids: Emery James
L - Life is incomplete without: Family
M - Marriage date: December 21, 2004
N - Number of siblings: 4 half-sisters and 1 half-brother (it's complicated!)
O - Oranges or apples: Oranges
P - Phobias or fears: Getting mugged or robbed
Q - Quotes: Use it up, wear it out, make do, or do without (I'm still working on addopting it)
R - Reason to smile:Emery's giggle
S - Season of choice: Spring
T - Tag three friends: Jenny, Jacki, and Claire
U - Unknown fact about me: I gave the valedictorian speech at my hight school graduation.
V - Very favorite store: Target!
W - Worst habit: Backseat driving (Joel hates it!)
X - X-ray or ultrasound: Ultrasound
Y - Your favorite food: Potatoes (fried, baked, mashed, you name it!)
Z - Zodiac sign: Libra


winnie said...

Valedictorian, wow, I didn't know you were so smart! (not that I didn't think you were smart, just the smartest, thats quite an accomplishment!)

Jenny said...

Ahh Ha! That is why you always drive, I had wondered about that!