Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Great Harvest Bread

I recently discovered a Great Harvest Bread Co. near where I live. Mmm, fresh warm bread -and free samples too! It reminds me of Utah! And driver's ed (we used to drive 20 minutes down Redwood Rd. and stop to get free samples at the Great Harvest. Hey- it wasn't my idea, it was the teacher's! But I didn't mind! I was always hungry for an after-school snack!)
Today Emery and I stopped by and picked up a regular loaf of white bread. We usually just get the sliced wheat bread at the grocery store and Emery likes it alright since it's what he's always known. When we got home I sliced up some of the white bread and gave Emery a piece. He really liked it and was busy eating so I went upstairs to gather some laundry. A few minutes later I hear him running up the stairs and yelling for me. I thought maybe he'd gotten hurt or something but he runs up to me and says, "Mom, can I have some more of that special bread?"
Who knew plain white bread could be so special :)


Erin said...

There really is nothing like Great Harvest! Their pumpkin chocolate chip is heaven! Now if only they had a place down here!

Lindsay said...

OOohh, YUM! I LOVE Great Harvest...pretty sure any type of Bakery is my weakness. Yum.

jennifer arthur said...

I love love LOVE Great Harvest Bread! I maybe used to skip seminary on a regular basis to go get some...ha!

Erin and Paul Anderson said...

Ha ha.. cute, 'special bread'.
Hopefully he still eat the other stuff now, too.
I've never had their bread - or at least bought it, but I've had their sandwiches and they're good.