Friday, January 29, 2010

Living Room

Here is our living room before we moved in.

And this is it now!

We are just now getting around to decorating. I've been so sick with this pregnancy that once we were unpacked I had no desire to do anything else. I still get sick sometimes (usually in the evenings) but it isn't so bad. And now that we are 4 months away from having our new baby girl, that "nesting" instinct is kicking in and I'm frantic to get everything ready before she gets here!

This clock is so cool. It's vinyl directly onto the wall and then you just hang the clock hands!

And I love my little flower that I don't have to water :)

Emery loves our new couch. After 5 years of marriage, I think we were definitely ready for it!

PS- We still haven't gotten around to making my cool organization unit for the kitchen. Last weekend it rained. This weekend they say it will be super cold and rainy or snowy! So I guess I will just keep working on other rooms in our house. We still have some painting to do. Plus getting baby girl's nursery ready!


Erin and Paul Anderson said...

So fun. I'm happy for you that you have a house and you get to do all the decorating that you want!

That couch looks comfortable and spacious. Sweet.

Sorry to hear that you've been sick, but that is exciting that you are getting the baby's nursery together.

J.Frey said...

I love it all! You have done such a great job!

Chuck and Becky Stoddard said...

It looks great! I can't wait to see pictures of the nursery!

Jacki said...

Julie everything looks great! I love it. Can't wait to see the nursery.

Andrea said...

First new couch in 5 years? We didn't get our first new couch until 7 years of marriage . . . so you beat us. Now I want a new one. Good thing we're moving because now is the perfect time to part with our living room couches.

BTW . . . love your wall color . . .looks similar to the color on the wall around our stairs.