Thursday, April 22, 2010

Baby's Room!

Baby's room is almost finished! Here are some pictures :)
Crib and swing

Changing table

Gliding chair and bouncer
(I still need a shelf or something else for this wall. And I need to steam the curtains!)


This used to be our tv stand in the living room. We took the doors off, painted it dark brown and now are using it to organize the closet!


Erin said...

Oh, good grief, Julie!! I guess I'd better whip myself into shape and at least get a place for my baby to sleep. Otherwise, we're just going to have to put bumpers on my massage table and call it good.

So cute!

Erin and Paul Anderson said...

What a cute nursery. I especially like the stencil flowers on the wall above the changing table. I love it all and I'm way excited for you guys to have a girl!

Lindsay said...

Wow! So cute! I love the pink vinyl. You are amazing!

Jenny said...

Cute! It looks like you have everything you need and are ready for baby girl to be here! Is your address the Rivereen Way? I have something to send you, it looks like it will make a perfect addition to the nursery. I love the chandlier over the crib, when I finally get around to having a baby I am so copying that!

reyesohana said...

darling Julie!
I have been meaning to respond to your question forever - I got the tulip blankets as a gift, but I saw it at Target. It is my favorite : )

loveablemetj said...

Wow... I thought Lola had a lot of clothes!! So cute nursary.

ashleyandcody said...

the room is very cute you did a good job! I bet it is nice to have that done. hope you are feeling well.