Thursday, July 22, 2010


Emery went to the dentist and did awesome! Didn't shed a tear and opened wide for his cleaning and one filling. (We won't talk about what happened the first time we tried to take him several months ago...)

Finally got some red tomatoes! Yum!!

Lucy all dressed up for church.

This is her favorite pose :)

Lucy is trying to find some fingers to suck on.

Sticking out her tongue!

My two cute kids ;)

Playing with Daddy!

Happy Family :)


Chuck and Becky Stoddard said...

What a cute family! Lucy is just adorable! It looks like Emery is adjusting well and loves his little sister. Oh and Yummy tomatoes!

Jenny said...

Oh so cute! I love the pics! The last one is my favorite! I am so jealous you have red tomotoes!! I was just telling Eric today how much I want a garden ripe tomato! Yum!