Monday, August 9, 2010

Beach Trip!!

Thursday after lunch, we headed out for Hilton Head Island!

The drive was a little under 4 hours and not too bad when the kids are sleeping!!

Once we arrived, we headed over to Harbor Town to see the light house.

Emery's first time at the beach!

Here is the lighthouse. It's not a real one, just for fun. Emery and Joel even went up to the top!

Friday morning we went on a boat dolphin tour! If you look close you an see a little smirk on Lucy's face :)

Unfortunately we didn't see a ton, and this is the best picture we got of one. It was fun still though!

Emery got his turn driving the boat!

It was so hot, humid, and windy! But somehow Lucy managed to fall asleep for part of it.

Lastly, Friday afternoon we went to swim at the beach!
As we were leaving our hotel in Bluffton (just off the island), it was raining! But, we decided to go anyways. It was overcast but not raining once we got there. But it was EXTREMELY windy. Not the best beach conditions, but oh well!
Lucy was asleep when we got there. And then once she woke up she stayed in her seat because I knew she would hate the wind and sand in her face!

Emery loved jumping over the waves (with a little help from daddy).

Around the time we were leaving to get some dinner, the sun came out. Isn't that just how it always it? From this picture you might think it was a lovely day at the beach! Oh man though, it wasn't really that pleasant!

Emery loved his big bed at the hotel as much as anything else we did for our vacation! Silly boy!


Lyles said...

Looks like a fun trip. And your kids are so cute!!!

Lindsay said...

What a fun trip! Looks like a blast. Your kids are really too cute! What fun memories!

Erin and Paul Anderson said...

What a fun little trip. Even though the weather was not ideal, it looks like you guys still had a great time. Cute pictures!