Friday, June 24, 2011

Fun Stuff with Lucy

Lucy is a sassy girl and full of personality! She keeps us on our toes for sure :)
Lately, she loves using straws and carrying around her snacks. (Those are not snacks, they are checkers but she does the same thing with a bag of goldfish! And no, I didn't let her put the checkers in her mouth!)

We are almost always listening to some music. Perfect for dancing!

It's fun to make a fort with big brother!

Starting to love going to Monkey Joe's and play on the bouncy things!

Rocking out!

And our little gymnast loves to practice head stands!

Lucy also loves to dance to music, clap her hands, point to her belly button, fold her arms during a prayer, put on her shoes to go outside, point at things in books, chase and be chased by brother, climb, and color. We love our little Lucy girl!!

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Erin and Paul Anderson said...

I love how she dances! Awesome. If only everyone danced like their baby selves. How cool would this world be? hahaha