Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Visit from Grandma Kathy

 In anticipation of Grandma Kathy's arrival, the kids went to town on coloring a nice picture with markers for her.

 Lucy was a little concerned with getting her hands washed afterward :)

 I didn't get pictures of everything we did for the 7 day visit but we sure packed in a lot of fun!

To sum up we played in the tent, did worksheets, went to school, took naps, went to lunch, got wet in the back yard with the pool and slip n slide, went shopping, went to the library, watched movies, went to a birthday party, played games and puzzles, had lots of stories, went to dinner and the candy store in Greenville, and got rained on too.
And we can't wait until next time! Thanks for coming Grandma!! The kids LOVED it :)

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