Sunday, January 1, 2012

More Christmas season fun!

 In the middle of December Emery had his Christmas program at his preschool. My camera has done me well over these 5 years but it really can't handle the far away low light! Maybe 2012 we'll upgrade :)

He sang with all his heart and we couldn't be prouder of him!

 Lucy did not appreciate being put into the nursery during the program. But she was full of wiggles and sequels and I knew I'd be getting nasty looks from other parents if I didn't take her. At least the program was only 20 minutes long!

For our girl's night out we had a fun gift exchange, drank hot coca, and went to see Christmas lights! So much fun with the girls!

Emery was so excited to have a Christmas party to go to with his buddies! The decorated ornaments, made treats, had lunch, and even had a gift exchange. My fried Julie Rogers really outdid herself. She is a great hostess for the parties!!

During the holidays it's fun to make more goodies than usually socially acceptable. We enjoyed white chocolate popcorn, lots of cookies, and candies too!

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