Saturday, June 30, 2012

One late night

 8:15pm  Emery and Lucy are rough housing. Emery throws Lucy onto the couch and she starts crying.

8:30  Lucy is still upset and won't let anyone touch her right arm. When I tried to check it, she screams and screams.

8:45  I call a friend of ours, who is a doctor, and he suggests we take her to the ER. He calls ahead to put our name down and find out who the on call Orthopedic doctor is.

9:30  We arrive at the hospital and check in

9:40  Lucy continues to hold onto her right arm but is calm. Nurse takes us back to a room and the orthopedic doctor comes to check on Lucy. He orders up an x-ray to see if it is broken.

10:00  Lucy goes for an x-ray. Emery enjoys himself by sitting on the big bed and reading books.
A few minutes after Lucy comes back, she starts moving both her arms and acting normal again.

10:10  I call our doctor friend and he looks at the x-rays from home. He say everything looks normal and she probably just had what's called "Nursemaid's Elbow". When they stretched out her arm to do the x-ray, it popped back into place.

10:20  The nurse comes back to tell us the orthopedic doctor will be busy for another 15-20 minutes. We ask if we can just go since Lucy is fine now. She gets the ok from the doctor and checks us out.

10:30pm  Lucy is happy as can be and feeling normal again. Whew! What a night!

We are so grateful to our doctor friend who helped us out and helped make our ER stay so quick! And we are so happy Lucy is ok and doesn't have any broken bones!!


Lindsay said...

That's nuts! What a crazy thing! Lots of cute pictures though!

ScottNLili said...

That is the worst!!! My mom did that to me often, and I still have problems from it!!! So glad it wasn't broken!!

Andrea said...

Yep. Orrin had it once and Amara had it happen several times. I learned how to reset it myself. My friend was a nurse and it happened to her daughter, frequently. She showed me how to reset it.