Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lots more fun!

Joel's parents came for a visit. Emery was so spoiled and got another set of grandparents to play with! It was pretty rainy and cold, but Emery didn't mind playing day after day with his grandma and grandpa.
We had a little early Christmas and opened some gifts.

Grandma even let him help with the cooking!
Thanks for coming and we'll see you next year! We love you John and Kathy!


Erin said...

I guess I'm going to have to have kids to bribe my parents into coming to see me. They see no reason to come all that way to see the one who is JUST their daughter. And, if I could have my own daughter, I think my parents would be even MORE likely to come because she would be the first granddaughter in ten years.

I love to see pictures of John and Kathy!!

jenny said...

cute pictures! emery looks like he loves his grandparents. it is so nice to have visitors this time of year.