Monday, January 19, 2009

"Mama. Pee pee." Uh, What?!!

For quite a while I've been able to put on a movie for Emery and slip away to shower. He'll usually come check on me several times but then go back while I finish getting ready (for the most part). Today I'm in the shower and hear the door open and Emery say, "Mama. Pee pee." I'm thinking, uh what?
So I stick my head out the curtain to find.....Emery standing there with no pants on and no diaper. Great. [Note: he still had on his socks and t-shirt, weird] So I ask him, "did you pee without your diaper on?" And he frankly replies, "yeah". Great.
What to do. What to do. I had just barely gotten into the shower and needed to wash my hair still. So I grab him, take off the socks and shirt and plop him in the shower with me. Wash him off. Wash hair. Wrap up kid. Wrap up me. Go find the pee.
It was in front of the tv, of coarse.
This better not become a regular occurrence.
I do not like cleaning up pee. Ik.


Marlie said...

Wow!!! That's hilarious!!! How funny! Go Emery!!!

Eli's Lids said...

My son, Eli, walked in the room a couple of days ago and said, "I went potty." The funny thing... he was fully clothed. Upon closer investigation he had pointed his you-know-what up and sprayed his shirt and the floor... it was quite funny!