Friday, January 16, 2009

A ray of JOY in grey January

Yesterday was Target's annual Toy 75% off clearance!! he he. It makes me so happy :) Here is a sampling of what I found. Every store is different (and some still have stuff at 30-50% that will go down next Wed or Thur). And it's only been one day. Go check out your store! And then come tell me all your great finds.
I got this Playskool musical sit and spin for 5.48 regular priced 21.99This Little People Carnival Set was 7.48 regular priced 29.99
This little tikes super soccer ball pit was 11.44 regular price 44.99
Emery really likes it! And I think all the boys coming for playdate next week might too :)Some dinosaurs for 2.50 regularly 10Vtech learning time clock for 3.74 regularly 14.99Vtech write & learn smartboard was 6.24 regularly 24.99

I also got a handful of stuff for 3.74 and 2.24 (reg 15 and 10) that will make good gifts this year. I admit I got more than I probably should have but I'm a sucker for a good deal (75% off baby!) And I do have a pile of returns of a few things I changed my mind on (with the help of hubby). So overall it was a FABULOUS day :)


Ashley Stepp said...

Fun! I love sales... I think the soccer field is my favorite, too.

Karen_thrifty said...

Wow. You got some great stuff! My son is wild about dinosaurs and I love the vtech stuff. I found only one vtech item at my Target. I posted my deals at thrifty mommy.

BTW, I see you have a little one. You might like my other blog.