Sunday, February 22, 2009

Diaper deals!

If you've never used there is a great deal you should know about!! I learned about it HERE at Go there for the long version of how to get it. Here is the short version.
Buy 5 jumbo packs of pampers or huggies for 10.99 each (and there might even be a $1 off coupon on the page too. There was on mine). Use code JULI7828 and get $10 off your order. Plus you get free 2 day shipping. Print out rebate form HERE and get 14.97 back (instead of the magazine subscription). I got size 5 so I'm getting 130 diapers for $28.98 or 22.3 cents per diaper! That is a great deal!!
(I figured out that buying a box at Sam's club is about 30 cents per diaper. Still a good deal compared to other stores.)
your welcome :)

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