Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A game and Outside Fun

Emery really loves this game I made using an old (but clean!) egg carton, and 12 cotton balls. All I do is "hide" the cotton balls while he's in the other room and then he comes with the carton and tries to find them all. I happened to have some foam number stickers, so I numbered them but you don't have to do that. Once he finds them all he's like "more?" And I hide them all over again! I'm thinking he's going to LOVE Easter this year!

It warmed up for a week so we spent as much time outside as possible! He wouldn't stop running so I could take a picture. Oh well. He was having a great time!

He loves running back and forth crunching the leaves along the curb too.
We went to the zoo another day with his little buddy Sam.

Emery wouldn't smile but he fell asleep on the car ride over and was still waking up! Thanks for coming Sam! Congrats on being a big brother :) Be nice to baby Nate!


Mel said...

Hooray for sunny days. You are so creative with your little games you play with E. We will have to try that sometime with B.

Disordered Mom said...

The game looks like fun, definitely good prep for easter. check out my blog and follow me,

Heather said...

What a great game idea! I might have to try that one some time--so simple and fun:-)

The Pink Potpourri said...

wow that is so creative with the egg carton! looks like they had a blast at the zoo! finally some warmer weather :)

Melissa said...

Wow, that is just the cutest game!
I know of another one you can do around Easter.... You get 12 of those Plastic Easter eggs... put a collection of "things" in each egg.
For example, put paper clips in one. Put macaroni in another.. put cotton balls in another... etc.
Go through each egg with your son.. Shaking the egg first and talking about the sound. Open the egg and let him see what's in the egg. Next time you pick up the carton.. play a guessing game of what's in the Egg. Just a fun little sensory game to play.

Annie Gedge said...

Wow that game seems awesome. What a great idea.

Holly Niederhauser Larsen said...

Very cute. Looks like fun!