Saturday, July 4, 2009

The 4th of July

We hope everyone had a fun and safe Independence Day!
We started our day with a craft.

Emery working hard :)

Here are our stars!

And we hung them up to feel patriotic all day!

Here is my All American Boy!

Julie and Joel :)

We went to Heritage Park for fireworks and to hear the Greenville Symphony Orchestra concert. We got some pizza, played on the grass...

and in the bouncy houses!

Mommy and Emery

Cannons! They sure were loud and very cool!

Yeah! The fireworks!

Those were loud too!

After the fireworks were over, I asked Emery to give me 2 thumbs up and this is what I got. I guess we still need to work on learning which finger is which :)
Happy 4th of July!


Erin Anderson said...

Awww... so fun. Looks like you guys had a great 4th! HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!

Lindsay said...

Way fun! Looks like you guys had a great holiday! Such cute pictures! You look amazing Julie - seriously! What a cute little mom!

Michelle said...

So cute! I just can't believe how creative you are! How did Emery do staying up that late?

Ashley Bybee Stepp said...

The firework pictures turned out really cool!