Friday, August 28, 2009


This is my favorite shot of Emery. With a little magic (photoshop!) I think it is perfect!!
(Notice there isn't that distracting line going through it now. Look down 1 post to see the other version)


Becky Stoddard said...

Cute Cute pictures. That is so fun pictures on the farm. You look good Julie! How do you do it? Emery is such a cute little boy, and he actually smiles for pictures.

Lindsay said...

Wonderful! Don't you love photoshop? I don't have it myself, but my parents do and I LOVE borrowing it every chance I get to enhance my pictures. It's a beautiful thing! And Emery is so dang handsome by the way!

Erin Anderson said...

That is a good photo. Such a cute candid shot that turned out looking professional. Good Job!