Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A little bit of everything!

Time to catch up
on my backlog of pictures! Mostly random things with Emery from last month. But too cute to not post!

This is what I found when I got out of the shower one day

Some time playing outside

Emery learned how to do the fireman's pole!

Playtime with his buddy

Nice hat huh?

So pleased with himself :)

Dress up at Sam's house

Emery got his first scooter and loves it!

Playing bag monster. Amazingly lasted quite a while!

Emery's 1st time bowling (it's miniature but actually just the right size for him)


Trying some new moves!


Emery's first day of Joy School. Awe!


Erin Anderson said...

My favorite is the picture in the hamper. What a funny guy!

Aww, I remember joy school. How did you hold up sending him off to school?

Lindsay said...

Way cute! I love the ones of him on his new scooter! Weston loves scooters too! And those cute bowling pictures were priceless! What a cute little man you have!

jenny said...

he is so cute julie! i can't believe how old he looks. it is freakin' me out! he looks like such a happy little kid. how does he like joy school?