Thursday, November 19, 2009

More to know

My first blog award- from my cousin Erin. In order to accept this award I was asked to list ten honest things about myself and then pass it on to seven other bloggers. Hmm I'm not sure how this will turn out! I've done a few of these before in the past (ie here and here). I guess I should try to think of something new! Ok here we go:
1. I don't really like being pregnant. Don't get me wrong, I am super excited for baby #2 but I'm not one of those women who actually enjoys being large and uncomfortable. I suppose if I wasn't sick out of my mind that might help too. Why is it that some women don't have morning sickness? Not fair!
2 .I want to see New Moon. But maybe not for a few weeks. I don't want to see it in a packed theater of teenagers. And hey, I may be 25 but I am allowed to like a little vampire romance!
3. I am scared of someone breaking in my house. While I'm in it. Because after living in 2nd floor apartments for several years, living at ground level is scary. There are so many more entries! Not only is there the front door, but the back door, and garage door, as well as several windows.
4. I love to get a good deal. I can often be found at Target (my favorite store) perusing the back aisles for clearance merchandise. And for sure you'll find me in the toy section in the first of August and after Christmas looking for the 75% deals!
5. I love fast food. There are so many choices and delicious things! Plus I don't have to cook or do dishes after. The only thing I don't love is the prices. If I could afford it I may eat out every meal. But since that doesn't fit into my budget we have to limit it a bit.
6. I am already listening to Christmas music. I know I know. Thanksgiving hasn't even come yet. Well, it's cheery and makes me happy and excited for the holidays-even for Thanksgiving. So there. Don't hate.
7. I love fruit! And this time of year I was so excited to find Clementines, pomegranates, honey crisp apples, and pineapple. I even found some yummy strawberries yesterday. Every night I have a little bowl of grapes and some water on my night stand in case I wake up and need a little snack. MMM.
8. I hate washing my face. I am usually so tired by the end of the day that I dread having to wash up before I can roll into bed. But if I put on makeup that day I have to or else I'll break out over night. So sometimes if I'm not going anywhere I'll just go without makeup-just so I don't have to wash my face that night.
9. I miss Utah. I love the mountains. The crisp air. Family. Friends. (and also my favorite fast food joints). But I don't miss the snow. Except on Christmas.
10. I never realized having a house was so much work. I guess I knew it abstractly but you never really know until you experience it. The cleaning, yard work, and a to do list that is always getting longer. My dad always told me a house was a money pit. Know I know what he meant.

So now I will give this award (and tag) to....
1. Jenny Saunder
2. TJ Black
3. Erin Anderson
4. Jennie Frey
5. Andrea Capener
6. Laisa Miller
7. Becky Stoddard

I can't wait to hear your all about your honest scrap!

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Erin said...

Awww...Julie, thanks for playing! My people usually don't do tags. I love to read what people have to say, though, so thanks!!

I also miss Utah. I wish I could ski down here but there's nothing even close. Then again, I couldn't ski in Utah either because it's too expensive!

And, I'm terrified of someone breaking into my house, too. When the wind rattles the back door I freak out and run to lock it. I often think of what I would do in different situations - like if the person had a gun. Would I be brave or would I start crying immediately? More than likely the latter!