Monday, October 13, 2008

24 Things

In honor of my 24th birthday last Saturday the 11th, here are 24 things about me...

1. I met Joel when I was 18
2. We started dating when I was 19
3. We got married when I was 20
4. I got pregnant when I was 21
5. I had Emery James when I was 22
6. I grew up in Utah
7. We lived in Atlanta, GA for 2 years while Joel went to Georgia Tech for his masters
8. We now live in Simpsonville, SC
9. My favorite food is potatoes (baked, mashed, scalloped, french fried, chips etc)
10. I love making things (sewing, crocheting, and crafting)
11. I enjoy photography
12. My favorite book (and movie) is Pride and Prejudice
13. I love shopping (probably too much; I'm working on it!)
14. I love spending time with family in Utah and Nevada
15. I enjoy reading, watching tv, and movies
16. I love animals, especially cats
17. I spoke at my high school graduation (fyi: Joel spoke at his too!)
18. I majored in Marriage, Family, and Human Development at BYU
19. I used to be really good at hula hooping
20. I love naps
21. My favorite desert is cream puffs
22. I USED to be good at math
23. I like to get my nails done (sometimes)
24. My husband is perfect for me, we complement each other in so many ways (I'm so lucky!!)

Well there you have it. Julie in a nut shell. he he


winnie said...

Hope you had a great birthday! That is quite a list. So do you like SC? Have you read the series by Pamela Aidan (Darcy's take on P&P) I am almost done and think you would like it.

samandmary said...

I just have to ask, do you normally count like this... 20, 21, 24?

I love you so much! I hope you had a great birthday, I didn't call you but hopefully you got my present.