Friday, October 3, 2008

A real MOM!

I stole this from a friend's blog and I love it

A real mom uses baby wipes to clean more than dirty bottoms.
A real mom uses her shirt sleeves as napkins and Kleenex.
A real mom allows others to see that she doesn't 'have it all together.'
A real mom picks her kids' noses.
A real mom puts dirty socks on her kids when the clean ones run out.
A real mom has moments when she wishes she wasn't a mom.
A real mom goes potty with an audience.
A real mom sometimes wears makeup, and when she does, her kids say, 'Wow! Mom, you look different!'
A real mom counts chasing a toddler around the house as exercise.
A real mom thinks that occasionally the television makes a wonderful babysitter!
A real mom sometimes feeds her kids cookies for breakfast.
A real mom makes mistakes on a daily basis but keeps on chugging along, trying to get better.
A real mom feeds her children lollipops (or just about anything) so she can complete a phone conversation.
A real mom realizes that she learns as much from her children as her children learn from her.
A real mom knows that childhood passes so quickly- but not quick enough some days.
A real mom needs other real moms.


Danica said...

I guess that makes me a super real mom! : ) Hope you are liking your new home. Looks like you are already having fun!

jenny said...

i love that too. it's somehow nice to know that others feel the same way and do the same things!

Michelle said...

I love it!