Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mom the Builder...

Mom the Builder, Can she build it? Mom the Builder, YES she can!!

(If you have little kids who watch Bob the Builder, that might make more sense to you)

Who knew that to get your child a play kitchen for thier birthday would require 2 HOURS of "adult assembly".

Here I am working away on it!

Ta da! The finished product.
(I'm guessing part of the reason it required so much assembly is because I got one of the cheaper options for play kitchens. I really think the wood kind and the Step 2 kind are super cool. But at prices ranging from $150-$500 it wasn't going to happen! But I think Emery will pay with this $50 version just as much as he'd play with the others!! -Hopefully..)


claire said...

That is just crazy that it would come that unassembled! Good for you, and happy birthday Emery!

Jenny said...

Holy! I hope he likes it!! I love little kitchens, so cute.

Heather said...

Go Julie! I loved the Bob the Builder creativity:-)