Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Don't cry over spilt milk

I get out of the shower yesterday to find this...

I think he couldn't find his sippy cup of milk in the refrigerator so he proceeded to try and drink straight from the carton. I guess that bad habit starts young.
I saw this idea on another blog. Use a cupcake tin to provide a variety of healthy options for a picky toddler.
Yesterday he had tomatoes, goldfish crackers, apples, corn, cheese toast, and chicken. He didn't finish it all, but I just saved it for the next meal.
Kohls is having some sales on womens clothing. I dropped by and found 2 silky skirts in the Simply Vera Wang collection for 90% off! At only $5.40 each, I think that's one of the best deals I've gotten all year!
Sorry for the poor picture quality. It's hard to get a good picture when the flash is reflecting in the mirror. They are the same skrit in navy and multi color. They even have pockets :) I don't know what I'd put in a silky pocket, maybe a tissue.And while you are at Kohls check out the stuffed animal display at the register. They have Curious George (and also hippos, penguins, and dalmation dogs) stuffed animals for $5. And as a bonus all the proceeds go to some children's charity. I swear I got Emery a curious george stuffed animal about a quarter that size at Barnes and Noble last year and it cost like $10 at least!


Mel said...

We have invested in those refridgerator locks because we were having daily occurances of spilled milk, spilled juice, broken eggs, speared butter...well you get the idea. The lock was pretty inexpensive, too. I can't believe how big Emery is. Its like all of a sudden these babies turn into children somewhere along the way. Anyway, I hope things are going well for you and Joe in S.C.!

Lyles said...

I love getting a good deal on clothes! What a steal. Emery is so cute too, I love the picture with Curious George.

Shawn and Alisha Stratton said...

OOOH! Sounds like a great day for shopping! There's nothing better than finding great deals on name brand clothing in your size! I think I'm inspired to stop by Kohl's this weekend! Thanks Julie!