Thursday, October 2, 2008

Greenville Zoo

I decided I really wanted to get a membership to the Greenville Zoo. It is a smaller zoo, but since the weather is nice more of the year here (compared to Utah!) I thought it would be something we could do to keep busy! And since it's smaller there are less people and the price is lower! Bonus!

We went to the Atlanta zoo a few times as well as Hoogle Zoo in Utah, but now that Emery is a little older I think he's liking it more. At the Elephants he was trying to make a elephant noise and also keeping saying "Woow!"

I liked the giraffes. They are so pretty!

They have a little kids play area inside that was ok. But then right outside the zoo, there is a spectacular playground. (I'll take pictures next time I go). It had 4 areas to play. Half was for older kids and the other half for younger. And part of both the areas was covered, and so nice and shaddy! Ingenious! Seriously, they need to put covers over more outside playgrounds! They get so hot in the summer!

We had a fun time and I'm excited to go back. I only wish it was a little closer. I mean, it's only about 15 minutes or so, but with gas prices crazy and Emery not being a fan of car rides it could be better. One more reason to move a little closer to Greenville in the future I guess!

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