Friday, October 17, 2008

"Great for Toddlers"

Cheerios came up with this cool design that only lets 1 cheerio out at a time. Which would be awesome except...
for those that know how to unscrew the lid!!

This is the covered playground right outside the zoo. Notice the shade :) Makes me so happy

Plus it really is a nice set up. Emery really likes these chimes and also driving the bus.

So, even though it only takes an hour to go through the zoo, we usally spend at least another hour here playing in the shade. Ahh.


jenny said...

covered playgrounds. genius! why don't more playgrounds have that feature? we miss you guys!

Heather's Pink said...

Completely off the subject...I was going through your old e-mails and found your blog. I remember you were crafty and thought you might like this blog. It is my sister-in-laws, sister-in-laws blog. If that isn't confusing enough. Sad we were rained out at the pumpkin patch:(

Heather's Pink said...

Oh, I forgot we have a weird blogspot ID. This is Kim:)