Sunday, May 9, 2010

On my mind...

Baby Girls

Sugar and spice and everything nice

PINK and more PINK and more PINK

When will she come?

What will she look like?

How much will she weigh?



Sleepless nights

Little toes and fingers

How much hair will she have?

What color will her eyes be?

My mind is thinking in circles all day every day long!

Am I "ready"? Well I'm ready to be done waiting and being uncomfortable! I'm ready to meet my sweet daughter. But how ready can I really be? How can I be ready for a life changing event not knowing how it will be? Not knowing how my day-to-day routine will be. Not knowing if I'll have a difficult labor. Not knowing if she'll have a gentle temperament or a difficult one. Not knowing how Emery will handle the change. I feel anxious one moment and rushed the next. Every time I feel a low pain my heart jumps thinking my water is about to break and I feel panicked. Then the next moment when I realize it isn't I feel tired of this waiting game again. I don't think I'll every feel more ready than I do now but still when it is time I will feel surprised, nervous, and a little bit rushed. Until then my mind will race and wonder about how it will be...


Erin and Paul Anderson said...

Can't wait to see pictures when the 'big day' does happen! Hopefully you don't stress out too badly before then ;)

Lindsay said...

Oh man, so much to think about...I would be going crazy for sure. But good luck! Everything will be fabulous! Can't wait to meet her!