Wednesday, November 17, 2010

This moment in time: 6 months old

Age: 6 months

Weight: 14.25 lbs (17 %)

Height: 27.5 in. (96%)

Hobbies: Making noises, playing with toys and with Emery.

Skills: Sitting up, sleeping, reaching for toys, and eating new foods

What I'm in to: Watching Emery, being outside, eating, and putting everything into the mouth

What I'm not in to: diaper changes, Emery walking away, Mommy walking away, and riding in the car when it is dark

Foods: rice cereal, squash, sweet potatoes, green beans, pears, peaches, and bread.

What I'm saying: Ba ba ba, ma ma ma, da da da, la la la etc.

Sleeping habits: 11-12 hours at night, 2 naps during the day ranging from 30 min to 2 hrs.

Favorite songs: I love to see the temple & I am a Child of God

Other things: No longer sleeping with a paci or swaddle; which means flipping onto tummy to fall asleep.

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