Saturday, April 23, 2011

Atlanta Temple Open House

 We went down to Atlanta this weekend to go to the open house at the renovated Atlanta Temple. I wish I got more pictures but it was just a quick trip and we seemed to be rushing a lot! We drove down Friday night and then back Saturday morning after going to the temple. It was overcast, but still so beautiful. Emery was very excited to be able to go inside the temple!

Here are a couple pictures from 4 years ago when we used to live in Atlanta.

 We lived in Midtown and used to look at this skyline every day! Don't miss it ;) Seriously, we are so much happier here in South Carolina! But it was fun to go back a visit for just a day!

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Erin and Paul Anderson said...

That looks like a fun little family trip! So cute that Emery was excited to go inside the temple! How far is Atlanta from you guys then?