Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

 Holidays are so much fun with kids! The pure joy and excitement on their faces make it all worth it!
 Hunting for eggs in the backyard
 Taking a moment to check out the grub!

 Found a big one!

 Lucy was content to watch Emery find all the eggs this year. But I'm thinking that by next year she is going to fight him for that candy!

 The final review!
 Easter morning! One happy boy=one happy mama :)
 The Easter bunny may have brought candy, games, and a movie, but Mom and Dad got the kids a pool! After 3 or 4 inflatables ones kicked the dust, we figured we'd try one of these!
 And Lucy started walking all  over the place this Easter! We are so proud of her :)
 It was a wonderful Easter day!

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Lindsay said...

You're right, the look on their faces makes it all so fun! Glad you guys had a great Easter! Such cute pictures!