Sunday, May 8, 2011

Joel's 30th Birthday!

 Joel's always in demand with the kids. And for good reason. He chases and jumps and does all sorts of fun things! 
And...Joel turned 30 this year! The day before he ran his first 5K.

Warming up

 It was a big event and Emery loved all the kid friendly stuff going on!

 Somewhere between 3000-4000 people ran in the race! Here is the start line..

And, here is Joel heading out

 I was lucky to make it over to the finish line just a few minutes before Joel finished! He beat his goal time by 2 minutes! We are so proud of him :)

 Emery liked all the free snacks afterwards...

Instead of a surprise birthday party, I got quite a few friends and family to send their birthday wishes via photograph! Thanks everyone for your help! I think it turned out great! And Joel really loved it! 

If everyone pictured had been at our house we would have had 80 people, a horse, a dog, a cat, and a bird. So it was probably better this way...

 Later we went to pick strawberries at Stewart farms. Yum!

 Lucy probably about ate her weight in strawberries! And was pretty happy about it :)

Happy Birthday Joel!


Jenna said...

Happy Birthday & Congrats to Joel on the first 5K - good job! I love the picture wall - I am going to have to copy this!

Erin and Paul Anderson said...

That looks like such a fun birthday. You're so thoughtful, Julie.