Sunday, May 29, 2011

This moment in time: 12 months old

Age: 12 months
Height: 30.75" (92%)
Weight: 18lb 5 oz (4%)

Hobbies: Throwing balls, blocks, cars etc, playing with Emery, pointing in books, and playing outside.

Skills: Walking, climbing, combing hair, blowing nose into a tissue, opening cupboards etc.

What I'm in to: Emery, stuffed animals, dolls, push toys, cars, blocks, jewelry, shoes, purses, hair bows, playing outside, and the trampoline.

What I'm not in to: Emery (sometimes), being told "no", riding in the car, getting boo boos, diapering, and washing hands.

Foods: Loves to eat what everyone else is having! and all the unhealthy stuff like cake, icecream, candy-even chocolate, etc.

What I'm saying: Lots of babbling, dada, grunting and pointing, and shaking head (no), just being loud in general (she has 2 volumes: Loud and screaming).

Sleeping Habits: On average 12 hrs at night and 2 naps (at 10:30 and 2:30) although the 2nd nap hasn't been happening more often lately

Favorite Songs: Charlotte's Web and Primary music

Other things: Still only has 2 teeth but seems to be teething (very grumpy!)
Tries to drive mommy like a horse (squeezes with legs to giddy-up!)
Starting to defend herself from Emery by hitting and biting
Has the sweetest smile and the most piercing scream.

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