Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Getting in the Christmas spirit!

We having been having so much fun this December getting in the Christmas spirit! Emery and Lucy did some sticker Nativity scenes.

And saw Santa Claus. Lucy was not a fan.

Emery went ice skating for the first time!

Of coarse we put up our Christmas tree Thanksgiving day!

 Our little elf "Elvie" has been keeping an eye on the kids and reporting back to Santa!

Joel put Christmas lights on our house for the first time!

They aren't much but I just love them! We'll gradually add more each year. Actually we have 3 little spiral trees on the grass too that we added after I took this picture.

We dressed up as people of Jerusalem for our church Christmas party.

 The kids loved making a gingerbread house (and eating all the candy and frosting off it!)

It's quite a work of art!

And one of my favorite things was visiting a house that goes all out with their Christmas lights! We even lucked out and happened to come by a the same time a little concert was going on in the backyard!


We also did the driving tour of the Roper Mountain Holiday Lights with some friends. We got out to walk around a bit and took a quick family picture!

And there is still more fun to come! And then Christmas day! Yay for the holidays!!

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Michelle said...

Looks like you guys are having a ball! So much fun! :)