Friday, March 2, 2012


 Emery hates being cooped up inside when it's cold outside. I seem to hear, "I'm bored" almost every day from him! Every once in a while he finds something to keep him busy. This day, he  used his trusty rope to tip up his ball hopper. He would jump up and hit it and had lots of fun!

Another day, he used my camera and tripod to take pictures all over the house. Here are some self-portraits.

 Lucy loves to play with Emery but there is usually some argument over how things should be played or who gets a turn. We are working on patience and kindness!

 When Emery is at school Lucy loves to get some one on one time with Mommy to draw,

 and do puzzles etc.

Just before Christmas we got ourselves a van! It is so roomy and the kids love it. The adults love it too!

Emery doesn't get as much time to see his buddies and have playdates as often, now that everyone is in school. But a couple times a month we still try to get them together. They love exploring together!

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Mary said...

These are great pics! I can't believe how big everyone is getting. It's good to hear from you and see pics of the family.