Saturday, May 19, 2012

Greenville Greek Festival

 The kids loved the kiddie ride section. They rode the train, Ferris wheel, and helicopters.

 It was a beautiful day, sunny but with a nice cool breeze!

Lucy wasn't too interested in sitting to listen to music. She wanted to go, go, go!

 Lucy had a butterfly painted on her cheek

There was live music and dancing all day!

We sampled some Greek food too!
Emery got Greek pizza and Loukoumades (doughnuts with honey and cinnamon)!

Joel and I tried Souvlaki (grilled chicken on a skewer) and a chicken Gyros!

 For desert...Baklava Sundaes!

And to take home...Dipless (fried thin pastry with syrup, cinnamon, and nuts) and a chocolate Baklava!

We had so much fun and felt very Greek for the day!

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