Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A place to live.. THe SCoop

Monday was a bit of a roller coaster for us. It started out with Emery waking up at 7:15 and crawling into bed with us. He brought a book and started to read it to us. It was so cute, and nice to be able to lay in bed to wake up instead of him demanding one of us get up! But alas it couldn't last. We had to hurry and get ready to go on a little road trip to Greenville, SC to look for apartments and rental houses. Joel and I has stayed up until 1am writing down a list of places to visit. We planned to leave at 8 and were pretty close to that time except... 1. We hadn't eaten breakfast 2. We needed gas and 3. The car tires needed air.
So we swung by McDonalds and got some food. Then drove up to the Shell on Howell Mill to get gas and air for the tires. Joel decided we should check the oil too and found it to be a quart low. So after putting some more oil in and getting on our way it was almost 9am. The drive is about 2 hours and Emery hates the car, but we brought books, toys, snacks, and the portable DVD player with his favorite, Elmo's Kid's Favorite Songs DVD.
About an hour into the trip we decided we should call the first place on our list to let them know we wanted to look at an apartment in about an hour. Except, we realized that we'd left the list of apartments at HOME! UG!! I gotta tell you I was a bit mad. But what are you gonna do? It turned out Joel still had the # of the first place in his phone from when he'd called the other day. So we made the apointment but I was still at a loss of where else we were going to go since we didn't have any other addresses or phone numbers. After that long drive we finally pulled up to the apartment. I was excited because it was a 3 bedroom 2 bath with extra storage, a playground, pool and garages for rent... for about $750. My legs were stiff and I'm sure Emery was ready to play on that playground! (He is such an outside kid, rain or shine, 60 degrees or 95-doesn't matter, he wants to play outside!) Anyways, back to the story. I hadn't even gotten out of the car but as Joel got out and was getting Emery, this guys walks by and is like "come back later, ok". I was like what? Turns out a few minutes before they had been ROBBED! They wanted us to come back in a few hours to have the tour and I was thinking... 1. We are planning on driving back to atlanta in 2 hours and 2. Do I really want to live somewhere that just got robbed? I think not.
So by now I was really mad that we'd driven all that way without our list and now the 1 place we did have was out of the picture. Joel suggested we stop at an Ingles we'd passed and pick up and apartment finder guide. So we got it, and found another place to go look at (that we'd remembered the name of from the night before). This place was ok. It had a pool and playgound but the kitchen in the 2bed 2bath was about a third the size of the one we have now. Fortunately the girl who showed us the place was really nice and suggested a couple other places to check out. One in particular was called Jasmine Cove.
So, off to the next place, and getting hungry for lunch. (in our original plan we'd be to greenville by 10 and leave by noon to be able to get Emery to nap on the way home and be home by 2). By now I think it was already past noon. So we pull up to the place (in Simpsonville, just south of Greenville) and it's a gated community (probably less likely to be robbed, so there's a plus). It looks brand new and I'm starting to get excited about it. The offices are really nice and the pool is sparkling new. There is a new playground and the biggest sandbox I've ever seen (just kidding it was a vollyball net and pit- but I'm still thinking we could use it :) They have 2 or 3 bedrooms and we looked at both. Some of their 3 bedroom apartments have never been lived in! So long story short, we LOVE it and just hope in a month or 2 when we are actually moving it will work out. If you were interested there are some pictures of the apartment HERE.
It isnt' as cheap as the first place we went to but I suppose we couldn't get something this nice (or safe) for that price anyways!
We were so excited and relieved that we'd found a place to live and that the trip wasn't a waste! So, we headed back to Greenville for lunch. I had also wanted to take Emery to the fountains to play in that I'd noticed when we'd visited earlier this year. It was so hot and we ended up going straight for the water and putting off lunch for later. Here are some pictures and video clips. I had brought his swim suit but on the way he'd poured half a bottle of water in his lap and I figured we'd just let him get more wet in those clothes and save his dry suit for the ride home. But we finally just took all his clothes off and that diaper got pretty saggy! ha ha!

I'm thinking he could have stayed for hours! We will be coming back for sure! On the ride home Emery slept for and hour and 45 minutes! We didn't get home until 5 (3 hours past our original plan but at least Emery slept). Yeah, it turned out to be a good day!


Reuben said...

I microsoft mapped the Jasmine Cove apts and perused the web site you linked to. They look very new and clean - and around the corner from McDonalds, so that sounds like it might be a bonus. And I think you're right - you probably don't have to worry about getting robbed there. It's quite a ways outside of Greenville, though, so if you want to go into the city very often, that might be a pain? Sounds like transportation costs might be high.

Joel said...

Yeah, downtown Greenville is a little far away, and my work is about 15 minutes away, but unfortunately my work is out of the city anyway, and there are not a lot of apartment options in that area (other than the place that got robbed). Luckily, Jasmine Cove is right next to a Target, Walmart, and lots of other stuff, and is just down the street from the church. And, SC gas prices were on average $0.40-$0.50 less than Atlanta, so that will help out.

Jan said...

crazy story! I wouldn't want to live in a place that had just been robbed either. yicks! I love the place that you are going to live. I would love to find a place like that in CT. You're so lucky that you only have to drive 2 hours to look for a place.

jenny said...

that is a whirlwind day! i am glad you found a place though that looks like it will work. it looks great and from joel's comment looks like it is in a good area with shopping close. it is sad to think of you guys leaving, but i am excited for you too.

Jacki said...

What a blessing that the original place just go robbed right before you got there. I mean seriously. Now you know.

Jasmine Cove looks great! I like the fact that it is close to a Target! And I love those videos of Emery. He is getting so big!

winnie said...

Wow, it looks really nice! I hope that means his communte isn't too far though, I am sure its nice living across the street from the school now. But as long as there is a Target close, what else can you need?

Jenny said...

Wow! It looks like you had a very interesting day, but I am glad it turned out well in the end. Emery is so cute in those videos, haha he really likes the water, he has come along way since TJ's pool. I checked out your place it looks really nice, it is always nice to move somewhere new or almost new. It will also be super nice to have the playground and a pool, and isnt it the same or a little less than you are currently paying? How exciting, it has been along time coming!

The Pink Potpourri said...

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Annie Gedge said...

I think I would have had a melt down once I figured out that we left the list at home. I probably would have known something was going to go wrong at the only apartment that was remembered. So in the end it turned out alright, and the bonus is that Target is so close. We all know how you love Target, this may be a bad thing for Joel

Laura said...

I bet you're relieved to find such a nice place. The pictures look great. Its probably less than what you pay now right? And, Joel will be making better money so you can afford a nice place. =)