Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Emery has never been one too interested in talking [well, anything that made sense anyways]. He's gradually adding words to his vocabulary though. Some of our newest are HOT (sounds more like "ottt" and HI or "iii" and then BYE or "iii"- sounds the same as hi. This is a big accomplishment because for the longest time he'd wave hi and bye but refused to say it.
His favorite thing to say is "more!" which can be helpful sometimes, but even after I sometimes have to say no he keeps saying: more more more...
He also says ELMO or "ma mow" He loves Winnie the Pooh now too, but still calls it Elmo, which can be confusing/frusterating when I don't know which he really wants to watch! Ah oh well.
He says the usual "ma ma" and "da da" but prefers ma ma and sometimes calls Joel ma ma too. Weird. I'm supprised he hasn't picked up NO yet but I'm sure when he figures it out, I'll wish he hadn't!
Even though Emery doesn't say a whole lot, he really understands a lot. I can ask him to go get things for me, put things away, or ask him if he wants to eat something and he'll shake his head yes or no. Plus there is a lot of nonverbal communication with grunts and pointing etc. I'm sure since I usually know what he means without him using words, it doesn't make him want to try to talk much more. I suppose he'll come around eventually though. What about your kids (especially boys), when did they start saying a lot?


Michelle said...

Oh, Julie, I wish we could get our kids together. They'd be a hoot! Emery sounds like he speaks their language! :) Wesley and Kayla say 'mamo' for elmo, too. Hi is 'i', but bye is 'bye' or 'bu bye'. More is 'moe', and often repeated many times. They've also started 'moe bee', which is more please, or just 'bee' or 'bees' for please. Kayla's favorite word is baby, and Wesley's is car, or 'caow' or my favorite, cracker, 'caw coh', which could be anything from a cracker to cheerios (pretty much anything that's crunchy, dry, and bite size.) The grunting between the two of them used to drive me crazy, so I taught them some baby signs a little before they were a year old, and that helped tons. Then about two months ago I really focused on teaching them the words for those signs. Now they pick up new words every few days. It's amazing how fast it starts happening. Just wait, soon Emery will spill out a 10 word sentence and he'll knock you off your feet! :)

Jacki said...

So fun! I tell you, communication is so important. Even if it is gibberish to everyone else.

Jenny said...

Yay! It finally let me view your video, for some reason it hasnt been working every time I have tried. He has such a cute little voice, I hope he starts talking more soon that will be fun!

simply kris said...

Hi julie! It's kris from Saying It Simply. I actually can't recall when my 1st started to chatter, but my 2nd~ he was saying two - four word sentences by 1. Freaked me out! We ended nursing early as he was asking around 7 months for "some"!
Don't worry. They can be stubborn. He may just be trying to play you. Good Luck!