Monday, August 4, 2008

Going for a drive...and Hitler

So, while cleaning our incredibly jam packed apartment the other day, Joel put Emery's little car on top of my sewing machine case. Apparently Emery really wanted to play with it (and not the other 2 little cars... I know, we need to get rid of some toys) and proceeded to climb up to it. I was on the computer and all I hear is "honk honk,...uh oh". This is how I found him, I think the uh oh meant, "could you give me a hand mom?" For a while now Emery has enjoyed dipping his chicken or fries etc in ketchup or ranch that Joel and I are eating. He wasn't brave enough to actually eat it, and would try to then feed the dipped food to one of us. Something magical happened the other day and he actually tried the ketchup. And he loves it! It's a bit messy Emery is sporting his ketchup mutache that sort of looks like Hiter! We have a lot of laughs around here!


winnie said...

too cute. Ketchup is our magical food, if he won't eat something, we usually just put ketchup out and he will eat it if he can dip it. Now he dips everything in ketchup, carrots, grapes. Kind of gross, but at least he eats his fruits and veggies.

Emily ~ Little Window Shoppe said...

What a cute little boy. He looks like a lot of fun. I have a little one year old at home and he is constantly on the move too. Great blog. :)