Sunday, November 16, 2008

The latest

I got these cool vinyl wall decals to decorate Emery's room. I got the alphabet/numbers set and then some zoo animals to place next to the letter it begins with (Lion by L etc). It tured out really cute, I think :)

Then with some extra letters, I put his name above his bed

The numbers are on the other wall

With the cooler weather Emery finds a nice spot to watch Peter Pan

At our last visit to the zoo, I got some of these special crackers that you can feed to some of the animals. Here there is holes so you can pet the goats, and feed them too!

After one goat nibbled the food from Emery's hand he was jumping up and down in excitement. It was so cute!

My handsome boys ready for church in their nice suits


jenny said...

emery's room turned out really cute! how are you guys doing? looks like you are settling in well. how's the ward? we miss you.

*by the way, emery in a suit is killing me. so darling.

Laura said...

Very cute decor! I love your family pic at the top of your blog. Was that in Atl or SC?

Julie said...

That picture as our header was taken during our visit to Joel's parent's ranch in Ruby Valley, NV. It's their front porch. Joel's brother took the photo, he is a great photographer :)

Lindsay said...

Julie, you're so sweet! I seriously just finished posting our family pictures when you commented! Thanks! And I think your little man is adorable! You are such an awesome mom. I love checking out the updates on your little family! I hope all is well with you guys, and happy Thanksgiving this week!

ChefDruck said...

Those decals are adorable! Nice job!