Saturday, March 7, 2009

Cars and Kites

Home Depot has a Kids Workshop on Saturdays that we just found out about. This week they made racetracks. It was really cute and Emery loved it!
They give the kids a cute apron to wear (and keep) and a little pin with the craft they completed on it. And it's all free! :DEmery hammering

The finished product!

It was a beautiful day today! A little windy, but that made for some good kite flying!

Emery looking up at the kite
In the air! Hooray!Emery helping Mommy
The only video clips I got were of it crashing into the ground. Oh well. Once we let the string out longer, it did a lot better!


Erin Anderson said...

Awww, how cute is that? I love that Home Depot has that activity for kids. Don't you just cherish memories like the ones you have on your blog. You have a beautiful family, Julie!

Michelle said...

Emery looks like he had so much fun. Thanks for the heads up on Home Depot. I had no idea they did that!

Michelle said...

One more thing... I got curious, and found free programs at Lowe's and Michael's as well!

claire said...

Awww, Maren used to go to HD with Carlton on Saturday mornings when she was 3 and do the workshops too. Cute!

ParentsGear said...

Thanks for telling about Home Depot events for kids and looks like Emery enjoyed that too. I need to check out our local home depot. Daniel is almost the same age as Emery, I think he'd like it too. Thanks for the pics!