Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I love Swagbucks!!

First of all, go see what I won on Swagbucks HERE!!
Awesome huh?!
I've gotten some questions about Swagbucks, so I thought I'd do a quick breakdown of some things I've learned from using Swagbucks. You can find all this information (and more) on the main website-this is just the Julie version!
1. Download the toolbar! That way you won't forget to use swagbucks when you do searches.
2. Don't oversearch. Doing 50 searches in a row won't help you win. You are rewarded for "natural" searching. So, just use it when you need to! Sometimes you win, and somtimes you don't. But, over time those little points add up!
3. Follow Swagbucks on Twitter. Every once in a while The Swag Guy posts codes that give you free points!
3. Follow on facebook. Codes are also posted here sometimes!
4. Check the blog. Again, codes appear here from time to time!
5. Invite friends to join. If a friend joins using your link, you win when they win from searching! *Thanks to all those who already joined and have been searching! It shows me how many swagbucks you have won and I get that many too *
[You can find links to the swagbucks blog and facebook page on the swagbucks website also]

Search & Win

Any other questions? Just email me or leave a comment. What are you waiting for? Sign up now! Just click on any of my links :D

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