Sunday, March 28, 2010

Beautiful Music

I love my new cd I got the other day. Beautiful harp music played by my college roommate Emily! She made up a cd and is now selling it for only $8 (plus $3 for shipping). You can find out more about it and even listen to one of the songs on the cd at her website Lone Harp. She is even donating $4 from every sale to One Heart Bulgaria- a charity that improves the conditions of orphanages in Bulgaria! I HIGHLY recommend it :)

One of my favorite memories of college is Sunday mornings. We would wake up to the sound of hymns being played on the harp. What a way to wake up!! Emily is a very talented musician and I was lucky enough to have her play at my wedding reception. This is a picture of her at the reception. Thanks again Emily for doing that! You are the best :)

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Lindsay said...

How cool! I bet it's beautiful music.